Invest in Scholarships to Create GIANT VALUE

Not every man has what it takes to be a Wabash man. So, when a young man has that kind of powerful potential, nothing – and we mean nothing – should stand in his way. Especially money.

Right now, nearly 100 percent of Wabash students receive some form of student aid. Nearly 100 percent. And after four years, the average Wabash student still graduates with $28,000 in debt. That’s not good enough. Not for our men. Not for Wabash.

For many, money is the biggest determining factor when selecting a college. Often, they walk away from the right college because of the wrong cost. 

Our historic promise has been to put students before the bottom line. To continue our tradition, we need you to take a Giant Step for student scholarships. To recruit the brightest, boldest, most innovative men – men who are up to the challenge – Wabash must invest in scholarships.

Right now, endowed funds provide only 10 percent of total student aid and scholarships. Our goal, of course, is audacious: 100 percent.

That’s one giant step forward.



Tuition: $42,800

Room and Board: $9,800

Student Activity Fee: $450

Student Health Center Fee: $400

Books: $1,200*

Personal Travel & Expenses: $2,350*

Total Yearly Cost: $57,000



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