Invest in a Faculty of GIANT MINDS

Giant minds just might be our greatest asset at Wabash. They have the power to connect Wabash and our liberal arts curriculum to the whole world.

Imagine the world’s most brilliant minds vying to teach, create, and innovate at Wabash alongside our cadre of exceptional teacher-scholars. We’d create dynamic, earth-shaking dialogue right here in Crawfordsville that would reverberate across the state, the country, and the world.

After earning his Ph.D. at Yale and teaching for a few years, Derek Nelson ’99 returned to Wabash to continue the legacy of his mentor, the late Bill Placher ’70. Derek holds the Stephen S. Bowen Professorship in the Liberal Arts. As a faculty member in the religion department, he helps his students grapple with timeless questions of faith and philosophy. To better understand the role of religion in shaping our history, he leads his students on immersion trips around the world.

We ask our faculty like Derek to make a giant commitment of time and talent to Wabash men. Yet, Wabash ranks in the middle of the pack in its peer group for faculty salaries.

It’s time we make a giant commitment to our faculty.

To reach their full potential, giant minds need giant support. To recruit and retain the best and brightest faculty, we need you to take Giant Steps for Wabash and invest in endowed faculty chairs and professorships.

If every Wabash professor was equipped with the resources and support to research, investigate, and pursue creative solutions to vexing problems, we would create an unrivaled learning environment for our students.


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