They say, experience is everything. We agree. Wabash’s nationally ranked internship program places men in internships at places like Eli Lilly, Toyota, Smithsonian, and Microsoft. What if every Wabash man had an opportunity to intern?

Wabash men go to Spain, Kenya, South Africa, and Italy for Immersion Learning courses. What if every Wabash man traveled overseas to learn — at no additional cost?

They’d have compelling narratives, skills, and experiences that knit together their education — and the confidence that comes from being thoroughly immersed in life-changing, news-making experiences.

Think round-the-world research, internships, and immersion courses; imagine liberal arts plus business, democracy, digital arts, and global health; and re-imagine traditional courses in innovative, interdisciplinary ways.

Giant experiences can provide a giant lift to recruiting students — and building men. It is time to say “yes” to experiences that will give Wabash men a competitive edge.

To ensure an innovative Wabash liberal arts education, we must take Giant Steps and invest in amazing student learning experiences.


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